Electrical Household Appliances: Care and Cleaning Tips

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Today there is almost no home that does not have electrical household appliances. Due to their ease of use and labor saving properties these appliances have become very popular. However unlike nonelectrical kitchen appliances and other home appliances, these require to be handled with care as they use high voltage current. Many of these appliances run at very high speeds or use very high temperatures and can cause injury if not properly handled. Moreover they cannot be cleaned like other appliances due to the possibility of short circuiting and damage. Small electrical household appliances like irons, blenders, grinders, coffee makers, toasters and waffle irons are common in most households. Here are some care and cleaning tips for small electrical household appliances found in most homes.

The most important precaution in case of appliances having detachable cords is to unplug it from the wall outlet first before removing it from the appliance. It is advisable to unplug electrical small kitchen appliances like toasters, blenders, etc., after using them. Even if an appliance is switched off it can have a current passing through it. Fires can start from these. A very important precaution is not to place a plugged in electrical appliance where it can be accidentally pulled or dropped into water. There are chances of getting electrocuted from a wet appliance. Albany Electrical Contractors should be very wary of handling these things especially with moisture present.

Do not place the appliance near a sink or tub or at least drain out all the water before placing the appliance. The electrical components can also get short circuited and damaged if they get wet. Even it it is not damaged you cannot use it until you are sure that the components are completely dry. Don’t wind a cord around a hot appliance. Never wind the cord too tightly around anything and keep it knot and kink free so that the cord does not break. The cord must be coiled loosely. Unless the circuit is meant for heavy duty electrical use never plug in more than one heating appliance at a time as this will overload the wires and cause sparking and short circuiting.

All electrical household appliances must be unplugged before cleaning. Wipe any soiled portions with a damp cloth and dry it with a dry cloth or paper towel. If there are grease or food stains on the exterior of the appliance then use a cloth dampened in sudsy water to clean and wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure that moisture doesn’t enter the electrical parts. Unless the appliance is immersible and is labeled as such, never immerse it. You can wash the food preparation section of the appliance like in frying pans, slow cookers, blenders, etc., by making sure that the water does not come in contact with the electrical parts.

It is important to follow the special instructions given in the care or label guide for cleaning specific parts of the appliance. The bottom of fry pans must be cleaned after every use to prevent grease buildup. For cleaning use fine steel wool pads soaked in soapy water to remove stubborn grease. Clean your coffeemaker after every use as any residual coffee oils will affect the flavor of the next pot of coffee prepared in it. It must be washed with warm and sudsy water, rinsed and then dried.

In aluminum percolators you can remove the hard water deposits by scrubbing with a steel wool pad dipped in soap or in a solution of one or two teaspoons tartar dissolved in water. Rinse and then dry thoroughly. Avoid using chlorine bleach or baking soda on aluminum parts of a coffee maker. For chrome plated coffeepots you can use coffeepot cleaners available commercially to remove stubborn stains. If you are using a electric drip coffeemaker, for scaling from hard water and mineral buildup periodically run a cycle with a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal proportions, filled in the chamber. This will dissolve the scale. If the buildup is heavy you may need to run the hot cycle more than once. After descaling run a cycle with plain cold water.

In electric toasters remove the crumbs regularly after unplugging it. It is a home appliance that needs regular cleaning. If a piece is stuck unplug the toaster before removing it. For cleaning and removing burnt crumbs be very careful so that the fine heating wires are not damaged. Don’t let the toaster get wet to avoid getting a shock on touching it. For cleaning electric can openers remove the cutting parts and clean them in soap water and then rinse and dry thoroughly before fitting them back. If the cutting parts are not removable then clean with a cloth dipped in soap solution after each use.

In case of electric steam irons empty the water while it is hot so that the chamber gets dried easily. If some melted plastic or fabric material is sticking to the iron heat it to a low temperature and when the material softens scrape it off with a wooden scrapper or spatula. For any remaining material rub a paste of baking soda and water on it. If the sole plate of the iron is nonstick than use a nylon mesh pad soaked in soap to remove the stuck material. You can also try nail polish remover or acetone for removing polyester.

In the case of waffle iron season the grids before using for the first time if they have not been pretreated. For seasoning brush unsalted fat on the grids and heat till the grids begin to smoke. Now bake a waffle to absorb any excess fat and then discard it. Now your waffle iron is ready to use. Never wash waffle irons. After baking your waffles, brush the grids with a soft plastic brush or wipe them gently with a paper towel while they are still warm to remove the sticking crumbs. After seasoning the grids get darkened and prevent sticking. However if after some use if the grids without a nonstick surface starts sticking then remove them and wash with soapy water, rinse and dry. After replacing the cleaned grids you will need to re-season them again with unsalted fat. These care and cleaning tips for electrical household appliances will help you to keep them clean and improve their efficiency and durability.

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