How to Replace an Electrical Plug-in

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I hate when a plug-in goes bad. Sometimes it isn’t completely bad. It may be that part of the mechanism has messed up, or it maybe something as simple as the wire may be lose. Either way, fixing the wire can prevent you from a major problem later such as a fire.

First you need to turn off the power to that plug-in. to do this, go to the breaker box and flip the switch to the room your going to be working in and then test to make sure the power is off. If your unable to find the right switch, turning the main power off for a few minutes won’t harm anything. Then you can remove the cover to inspect the plug-in. Now mind you it will be or should be screwed into the box. If it’s not, there is one of your problems.

After unscrewing the plug-in, you need to inspect the wiring to making sure it’s not so old that it would cause a fire hazard. If it is so old that even the wire breaks apart easily, you may need to call an electrician to rewire your home. Other wise, please continue. Once that is done, you can unscrew the screws on each side of the plug-in. Always remember which one went where. If you fear mixing up the wires, replacing one at a time can insure you put them in the correct order.

You usually only have a black wire, a white, and a ground.

Once you have those lose from the old plug-in, you can now set that one aside and install the new one in reverse. Make sure that everything is tight and no wires are touching.

After doing that, screw the screws in that hold the plug-in to the box and replace the cover. Then you can turn the power back on and plug something up to test it.

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