Repairing a Broken Electric Blender

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Basic electric blenders aren’t usually worth taking to a repair shop should they become broken. Labor charges would surely be more than the cost of a new blender. Small appliances such as electric blenders are now so affordable they are usually thrown away when they seem to be broken. This is typical in our throwaway society. Some items have become so affordable, from a monetary standpoint they aren’t worth fixing. Albany Electricians provide these information for you in this article. If you need electrician services around Albany Georgia, call us at 229-256-4543 for free quote today.

If your electric blender is broken, don’t just throw it away without trying to fix it. Blenders aren’t very technical, and chances are your blender can be repaired by trying a few simple repair solutions. Help do your part to help the environment by recycling and repairing small appliances whenever possible. Try the following repair solutions before buying a new blender. If you can fix your broken blender you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, you’ll save money, and you’ll be helping the environment.

Jar Leaks

Leaking blender jars are a common problem, especially in older blenders. Leaks that occur at the base are probably due to a worn or damaged gasket. Carefully examine the rubber gasket for cracks or other damage. Replacement blender gaskets can be purchased at major discount stores, small appliance shops, or they can be obtained from online retailers that sell small appliance replacement parts. If the gasket appears to be in good condition, the problem may be within the blade assembly. A blade assembly can also be replaced for a much lower cost than replacing the entire blender.

Blades Won’t Turn

If the power to your blender is on, and the blades unsuccessfully try to turn, the blade assembly may be clogged with sediment. A clogged blade assembly will also cause a blender to run slower than it should. Check the blade assembly by removing it from the blender. Carefully turn the blender blades by hand to see if they move with ease. If the blender blades are hard to turn, soak the blade assembly for at about twenty-four hours in a solution of dish washing liquid and water. After the blade assembly has soaked for a sufficient length of time, scrub the crevices of the blade assembly with an old toothbrush. Wash the blade assembly as usual, and rinse it with hot water. Try turning it again by hand. If it’s still hard to turn, the blade assembly needs to be replaced.

Erratic Operation

If some of the buttons on your electric blender don’t work, there may be food encrusted around them. To clean electric blender buttons, unplug the blender, and if possible, carefully pull back the label surrounding the buttons. Depending on the type of blender you have, it may be necessary to remove the hex nut beneath the blender to separate the switch assembly from the lower housing. Once the buttons are revealed, use a small toothbrush or another instrument to remove any caked on food. This may be all it takes to repair your electric blender.

No Power

If your blender is plugged into a working outlet and won’t operate, the problem by be within the plug, or there may be a problem with the blender cord. First test the cord with a continuity tester to see if the blender cord needs replacement. Continuity testers are well worth the money since they are useful tools to have on hand. If the continuity tester doesn’t reveal a problem with the blender cord, the blender plug more than likely needs to be replaced. Replacing a faulty blender plug is a cheap and easy solution for repairing a broken blender.

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